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New SATII  Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology 

Subjects Available: 


 Formular and Linear Equations, Fractions, Sets, Functions, Exponents, Logarithms,                          

Quardratics and radical, Inequalities, Verbal problems, Geometry, Trigonometry, Graphs and Coordinate

Geometry, Number Systems and Concepts, Arithmatic and Geometric Progressions, Vectors, Variation


Vectors, Kinetics, Dynamics, Work, Energy and Power, Mechanics Momentum, Rotational  Motion,   Circularmotion, Gravitation, Thermal Physics, Electric Force, Fields and Potential, DC Circuit,

Magnetism,  Electromagnetic, Waves, Optics, Modern Physics

Chemistry  Matters, Atomic Theory and Structure, Periodic Relationships, Chemical Bonding, Chemical

Compounds, Nuclear Decay, States of Matter, Gasses, Liquid and Solids, Solutions, Reactions,  Acids and

Bases, Oxidation Reduction Reactions, Electrochemistry, Stoichiometry, Equilibrium and Kinematics,             

Thermodynamics,   Nuclear Chmistry, Descriptive Chemistry


Molecule of Biology, Cell Structure, Cellular Respiration, Transcript and Translation, Mitosis and Meiosis, genetics  Evolution and Diversity, Microorganism, Organ sys, Plants, Behavior, Ecology,

 Designed by students: Flexible lessons / Learn anytime
Core objectives:
it is to get more than 700 scores.
Tuition fee: 
SATII MATH , Physics , Chemistry, Biology 
1. Buffet Package 30 Hours : Choose any subjects for total of 30 Hours

Private instructionn          28,500 Baht (950 Baht/hour)                     

 Instruction via skype        19,500 Baht (650 Baht/hour)


2. Guaranteed  Pass Package 35 Hours :Focus on a subject to improve scores as required by a faculty

Private instructionn          36,750 Baht (1050 Baht/hour)                     

Instruction via skype        29,750 Baht (850 Baht/hour)


*This package is guaranteed at least 650 scores. If a student dose not get less than 650 scores ,

we would continue to  provide the tuition for FREE for up to 3 attempts


Payment :

  1. Payment must be completed before class.
  2. Payment can be by credit card /debit card or bank transfer.

* Promotion for Kasikorn Bank Credit Card,  0% x  6 months installment.**